Monday, April 6, 2009

Mapping Mondays

You may not be able to see the details on this image as clearly as you'd like but I just wanted to start with something fairly simple for those not familiar with Google Earth.
This is a snapshot of the Calhoun, GA area. Calhoun is near the upper right corner. The Oostanaula River runs along the left half of the image. The red/fuchsia boxes represent the land lots bought by my Miller ancestors. These are just the early lots. Part of Filing Fridays will be to locate copies of their other deeds and enter those lots into Google Earth.
I was able to place my own three types of places on this map using different methods and I'll talk about these in other posts. The Miller Cemetery was located using the GNIS system and simply entering the coordinates and placing a marker there. Miller's Mill was located using an old Civil War map I found online. I marked a number of other places using that map and others but it gets rather crowded so I only showed the Mill on this image. The land lots were placed using other old maps showing the land lots and then drawing polygons to represent the lots (I already had a spreadsheet listing the lot descriptions so I didn't have to dig through my files to locate copies of the deeds).
You can see that it is quite nice being able to see my historic places on a modern satellite image. I'll feature some other images in future posts as well as some general information about Google Earth.

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