Monday, April 13, 2009

Mapping Monday

With last week's window fun I haven't had a chance to map anything new. Sadly this week isn't looking much better. It was free and clear but now I have agreed to four meetings (in addition to the two I attended today!). So, to try and satisfy any mapping desires my readers might have, I'm providing this image of some of my other Gordon Co., GA ancestors.
In this image you can see several places I marked by overlaying an old Civil War map I found online (map overlay is most of what appears 'white'). This map was produced as a negative and rougher than the one I had used for the Calhoun area. The advantage of this map was that it showed a few of my ancestors lands and home. I believe the map only shows Union sympathizers but I'm not positive.
This map was much easier to work with by making the background transparent (in Photoshop). Since the quality of the map was not as exact it took more twisting to accurately place it. Being able to see all the features of the map AND all the satellite image features sped things up. I've found if you can get your map to have white features and a transparent background it is much easier to work with, especially if you're trying to locate small features on the ground (such as the two ferries above or the three homesteads).

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